Our Charity Champions visit The Friary

Rebuilding, empowering and supporting are some of the key life skills helping vulnerable and homeless people in need on a daily basis at Notts-based charity The Friary.

It is this vital work carried out by The Friary, in West Bridgford, which Domestic & General employees have been learning about as it recently nominated the charity as its local chosen charity for the year.

Set up more than two decades ago to help the homeless, The Friary aims to boost employment skills and provide companionship. In that time, it has helped hundreds of vulnerable people – supporting them to get back into work and turn their lives around.

Agent forum representatives from our Nottingham contact centre visited the charity to explore and learn more.

Daniel Disney, part of Domestic & General’s Sky Protect retentions team, said it was good to learn more about the homeless charity.

“It was great to meet the Friary team and to get a true experience of just how simple things make a big difference to someone’s life,” he said. “Their advisors were very caring and took their time to show and explain how they run the charity.

“With Domestic and General’s input I am sure we can help to make a change whether it be big or small.”

The Friary is open three days a week helping disadvantaged people who may be homeless, need help getting back into the community and work or simply need a hot meal and fresh clothes. It deals with anywhere between 80 to 120 people per session.

Our employees are currently helping to collect a ‘shopping list’ of key items The Friary needs to help it best support its users. Over the coming weeks, Domestic & General’s 850 strong pool of employees will be collecting toiletries, jogging bottoms, jeans, trainers, hoodies, sweatshirts, socks and boxers. These items will then be donated to the charity.

Helen Jones, marketing and communications officer for the Friary, said it was great to give Domestic & General an insight into the charity’s day-to-day running.

“It was a pleasure to meet members of staff from Domestic & General as they toured our allotments and our day centre,” she said. “They showed a real interest in the work we do and displayed a genuine concern for the issues we are dealing with. I’m sure their enthusiasm to help will be passed onto their work colleagues back at the office to help motivate them into helping us.

“With so many employees each doing a little bit we can potentially achieve a lot for the Friary.” Helen added.

The visit is the start of many activities and fundraising support we will be giving The Friary throughout the year.




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