Introducing Scott Van Stratten, US Operations Director for D&G’s US Market

November 28, 2022
Introducing Scott Van Stratten, US Operations Director for D&G’s US Market

When did you join D&G?

I was one of the first D&G hires in the US, starting my career in March 2021, 6 ½ months ahead of our first Service Plan sale.  

What does your journey to US Ops Director look like?

I began my career working as an agent in the outsourced call centre space.  Over time, I was promoted into leadership positions within Operations, later taking on Senior roles with responsibility for managing global call centre operations.  I left the outsourced space in 2015 to begin working for a competitor in the warranty/insurance vertical.  My love for managing call centres and experience working in the warranty space is what attracted me most to my current role with D&G.

What does your team do at D&G?

My team is responsible for supporting the call centre sales channel in addition to supporting our customers in times of need with any service-related support.  We manage our BPO call centre relationship and performance delivery, the new hire training curriculum and trainer certification, agent staffing and scheduling and service delivery.  

What is exciting about your world at the moment?

There is so much growth opportunity ahead of us.  Preparing for client number two, new product offerings and new business opportunities is so rewarding.   I look forward to looking back five years from now to see how much we will have accomplished.

What does D&G’s journey into the US market look like?

A great team of individuals worked closely together to deliver a platform that could enable sales and service within the US, doing so on time and within budget.  We have proven that we can exceed our original business case targets for both sales and service.  We have established a great relationship with our first OEM partner and have demonstrated to them and the business that customers find value in the D&G proposition.   

What does it mean to you to be part of a global business?

Being part of a global business means that you get the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of individuals from many different cultures.  You get the opportunity to learn from people that are from many different cultures and get to share best practices across countries.  At times it means making sacrifices to respect the challenges of working in very different time zones.  

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to work for a diverse organisation that provides a product of great value to our customers.   I enjoy being part of a terrific team that are passionate about what they do and want to support you in any way they can.  

What would you say to someone thinking about joining D&G? 

If you enjoy being part of a fast moving, entrepreneurial environment and working with a fantastic, diverse group of individuals who are driven to succeed, free of politics, then D&G is a place you want to be.  You must be prepared to hit the ground running and not be afraid to challenge status quo.  

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