I began the graduate intern programme in September 2015 as a geography graduate from the University of Manchester. I was drawn to the internship as it offered me the perfect mix of responsibility and ownership of my own project, as well as the opportunity to move to and work in London. I found the assessment centre enjoyable with a wide range of exercises to test me. It was also a good chance to meet other graduates who I would later be working with.

The programme was challenging, and allowed me to gain some great skills which I still use today. I would say there is a steep learning curve to understanding how the company works but everyone is here to help and wants to motivate you to complete your projects. The projects undertaken have a real impact on Domestic & General. I began the internship working in the campaigns department and at the end of my internship, I was offered a role as a Channel Analyst working in the outbound channel of our business.

There are always lots of opportunities throughout the business. Every week may throw up a new challenge, but as clichéd as it sounds the people here are great and always happy to support your development. If I could give one tip to applicants it would be to work as hard as you can during the internship and you will get out of it what you put in.

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