I was drawn to the graduate intern programme as after doing my Psychology degree, I really wanted to explore Marketing as a career path and felt that Domestic & General could offer me the perfect foundation and help me get my foot in the door. One thing that appealed to me most was that Domestic & General’s company values mirrored my own… to be driven, fair, creative etc. and I can honestly say that vibe came across when researching the company and during the interview process.

I found the concept of an assessment centre quite daunting at first but I was put at ease during the day and it actually turned out to be fun! The people holding the assessment day were approachable and friendly and the tasks were challenging, but at the same time they gave me the opportunity to get my personality and ideas across.

My first impression of the graduate intern programme was really positive. I was given a timetable for my first two weeks which included training sessions on the key programme I would be using, as well as inductions with all the different departments in Wimbledon. This really helped me put the company into perspective and understand the world of warranties right from the start. Over the internship I was given a line manager and ‘buddy’ who were both readily available to answer questions, which was a great pool of knowledge to learn from.  I was assigned a project which I could start from scratch and see into fruition. I felt like I was really making a difference to the company on a worthwhile project.

I am now working as an Account Handler in Client Business Development on two tier-one accounts. My role mainly includes interacting with clients on a day to day basis, as well as being an operational hub for all interactions that are outward facing between the different departments in the business and our clients. I’ve had the opportunity to present potential new ventures to the business and project manage new initiatives.

My advice to those applying would be to show that you have researched the company and go into the assessment day confident in your ability, as it does shine through and make a good impression.

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