Building a Customer-Centric Business

Steve Purs

Our very own Steve Purser, Managing Director Client Management, New Business Sales & International, talks about the importance of customer centricity in the service business.


There’s no doubt that customer centricity is the new gold standard for businesses and a swift trawl of the internet will provide plenty of reasons why. Customer centric companies are 60% more profitable; 89% of consumers who switched to a competitor cited poor customer service as the reason; it takes consumers over 10 positive experiences to make up for one negative one.  Such overwhelming evidence begs the question: why aren’t we all customer-centric, and what do we even mean by customer-centricity?


At Domestic and General we’ve embarked on a journey to build a world-class, customer-centric organisation. It’s one of the biggest transformations of its kind in our sector and designed to deliver one outcome – a positive customer experience first time, every time.


It’s a 5-year program or work that will touch every aspect of the company from systems, processes, policies and people, to our operating model, organisational structure and even culture. There is no doubt that it’s a huge investment in time, effort and resources and, as McKinsey research shows, it’s not an easy journey as 70% of large-scale transformation programs fail. But we have a good strategy, a strong plan and a very clear sense of where we are going and how to get there.


The program will be formally launched at a town hall for all people managers and team leaders in September and then cascaded across the business. It’s a complicated program, but ultimately there is only one message we need to convey, and that is: if you treat the customer well then everything else will follow – satisfaction rises, reputation is enhanced, profitability increases, and we have a successful business. Simple really. So, how are you driving customer-centricity in your business?

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