Brighton volunteers dig in support of allotment holders

A team of seven volunteers from Domestic & General assisted Whitehawk Community Food Project in preparing the ground and poly tunnel for the winter onset.

The volunteer team worked for a day within an area that provides food for the local community, including elderly, disabled and low income families. Discovering the amount of hard labour it takes to maintain the 250m2 allotments, the volunteers were able to appreciate how the food they eat is produced. Team leader Emma Riley said:

“We never realised how much land and hard graft you need to sustain one person’s normal diet. Growing food is a long process we all should appreciate more. We’ve been digging vegetable beds and clearing land for a whole day, it’s been fun and invigorating but hard work – and we’ve only scratched the surface.”

According to Greenpeace the average family of four requires two acres of land to feed itself for a year; therefore the population of Brighton requires 125,000 acres to sustain its population. Brighton & Hove City Council owns just 11,000 acres of land in the area but champions locally grown produce.

A big thank you to all who took part!

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