All Aboard!

We’ve just launched a citywide recruitment campaign across Brighton, which includes putting our employees on the local buses. Featuring real-life team members from the Brighton contact centre, the bus adverts state ‘get on here for a new career’, encouraging job seekers to consider a new career with us!

Already one of the city’s largest employers, we’ve recently announced over 150 new jobs at our growing Brighton office.

Contact Centre Director, Craig White hopes the adverts will help raise awareness of the vacancies and encourage people to apply, even if they’re not actively job hunting. He said: “Employment levels are at their highest since the recession hit in 2008, which at face value is great news for the economy, but people aren’t necessarily doing jobs they enjoy or are best suited to their needs. Our new roles could offer people a happy alternative.

 “We recently moved to strengths-based recruitment, which means we employ people based on what they do well and their personalities, rather than just looking at previous experience. Because we provide full training, it means we can consider people even if they’ve never worked in the industry before.”

 The new jobs include a mix of full and part time roles and are predominantly contact centre agent positions.

Gavin Stewart, Executive Director of Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership, said: “It’s very encouraging to see that one of the city’s largest employers is recruiting again and on such a large scale. Not only are we seeing record levels of employment, but also businesses are thinking more creatively about how to find the right people. I’m sure this will lead to happier and more productive workforces and an stronger economy, a good thing for all.”

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